Did you know that since Kenya gained independence up to the year 1991, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Kenya was free? The government supported university students financially by paying their fees. Students at the time didn’t have to worry about tuition fees, personal upkeep money, and accommodation.

The Average Cost for Studying a Degree in Kenya
The Average Cost for Studying a Degree in Kenya/Photo



All this changed with the introduction of the cost sharing after which government sponsored students were required to also chip in on financing their education. In the year 1998, Kenyan universities began enrolling students on parallel programs. The cost sharing policy which was initiated by the World Bank proposed the sharing of costs in university education between donors, the government, parents and students.


The cost of university education in Kenya varies depending on a number of factors such as;


Type of degree course


Students who pursues technical courses like engineering, medicine and science related degrees usually pay more than students who pursue courses in social sciences and arts related degrees.


Type of institution


The cost of a degree may also depend on the type of institution. Public universities are usually less expensive than private universities. The cost is even cheaper for government sponsored students who benefit from government grants unlike self-sponsored students.

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The average cost for a degree for government sponsored students is Ksh 24,000 annually. For the self-sponsored students, the average cost ranges from Ksh 150,000 to Ksh 500,000. This depends on factors like the type of degree course and the type of institution.

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