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How to win an election on campus

The political careers of many leading politicians in Kenya began in campus. Hassan Omar Hassan served as the chair of Moi University Students Organization, James Orengo was elected the SONU chair, Kipchumba murkomen chair of the Kenya Law School...

By Otieno Victor on Sep 17th, 2017
How to prepare your child for their first day at school

A child’s first day at school can be hectic and full of anxiety to both the child and the parent. Every child finds it hard to cope in an environment full of unfamiliar people. So how exactly can you as a parent ensure that this process turns...

By Otieno Victor on Sep 8th, 2017
How to know your child is read to start school, Preparing your kid to start schooling

Are you planning on taking your child to school and you are not sure whether it is the right time? This post will help you determine if your child is ready to start schooling. Here are a number of skills that you should look out for in your...

By Otieno Victor on Sep 7th, 2017
How to know your child is being bullied, Signs of bully Victims and Culprits

Bullying has become a major problem affecting lots of children in our schools. The act of bullying takes many forms, it can be verbal which involves the use of mean words for example insults and name calling or even physical which involves acts...

By Otieno Victor on Sep 7th, 2017
How to monitor your child's progress in school

Studies have shown that children with parents who actively involve themselves in the welfare of their child’s education have higher academic success. Since it is the wish of every parent to see their child perform well in school, it is important...

By Otieno Victor on Sep 6th, 2017
How to Choose, find the best school for your child

Finding the best school for your child is not an easy task. Many parents find themselves constantly switching their children from one school to the other trying to find a place that best suits their child. Here is a simple guide on what to consider...

By Otieno Victor on Sep 6th, 2017
How students can make use of long school holidays

Students, long school holidays: While you are in your long holidays break, you find yourself having a lot of free time that you can easily get lazy. Other than watching movies, hanging out with friends and sitting around with nothing to do,...

By Otieno Victor on Sep 5th, 2017
How to Manage your Budget in Campus, Students money spending guide

Budgeting is an important part of a student’s life. As a student, you need to be smart and responsible when it comes to managing your finances. Here are the dos and don’ts of managing your budget. How to Manage your Budget in Campus, Students...

By Otieno Victor on Sep 5th, 2017
How to pass without cheating in Exams

Many students engage in cheating due to the pressure to pass in exams. Apart from being a form of dishonesty, the consequences of exam cheating are harsh and if not controlled, it becomes a habit that will eventually lead to failure. Here are...

By Otieno Victor on Sep 5th, 2017
How to stay safe in Campus, College, Safety tips

Campus, College Safety Tips: Being in a campus environment always gives students a false sense of belonging and security, a comradeship feeling that nothing can go wrong when you are all together. Well this is not usually the case and insecurity...

By Otieno Victor on Sep 1st, 2017
How to balance fun and academics in Campus, College

Are you finding it hard to balance between studies and having fun at the university? Many students have so much freedom and free time that they don’t know what to do with it. It is possible to stay focused and have fun at campus and here is...

By Otieno Victor on Aug 31st, 2017
How to prepare yourself for university admission day, first year guide in kenya

First year admission guide in Kenya: After years of hard work and determination in your studies, it is finally that time for you to join the university and further your studies to achieve your career goals. So, what happens on the first day...

By Otieno Victor on Aug 24th, 2017