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How to overcome academic barriers, A guide to Achieving Excellence

A guide to Achieving Excellence: In every learning institution, teachers seek to develop innovative strategies to assist students in meeting their academic goals and overcome common study challenges. Below are some ways on how to overcome those...

By Mercy Makena on Sep 7th, 2017
6 part time jobs for college and university students in Kenya

Part time jobs for students in Kenya: Being a student committed to his or her studies does not mean you are limited to your studies. You can make some money as you study. Below are part time jobs for student; 6 part time jobs for college and...

Simple procedure on how to scan a document before printing

Procedure of scanning a document: Your might be interested to scan a document like your education certificate in order to apply for a job online or to store it in your email or local computer. Simple procedure on how to scan a document before...

By Mercy Makena on Aug 26th, 2017
Factors, Skills and Qualities of Successful business people in kenya

For one to venture and succeed in business in Kenya, he/she requires a variety of skills and qualities to stand the heat in the business market. Below are some of the characteristics one should poses to emerge as a successful business person. Factors,...

By Mercy Makena on Aug 21st, 2017