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Emmanuel Chacha

Emmanuel Chacha is Kenyayote Guest writer. He can be reached through chachaemmanuel09@gmail.com or 0716178788

How to benefit from leadership in campus

The notion that campus leaders waste time while carrying out their duties is misplaced. The reality is that campus leadership is a platform of gain both to the leaders and the ones being led. Other misconceptions on campus leadership are association...

By Emmanuel Chacha on Sep 18th, 2017
How to win a scholarship to study abroad while in campus

Many of us students dream going overseas to further our studies, visit countries we adore and even explore new adventures. Inadequate funds push most away from these dreams but in real sense, there is a pretty clear way through this obstacle. How...

How to avoid supplementary (supp) in campus

SUPP is the most dreaded animal as far as classroom matters in campus are concerned. Here is how to prevent the ticking time bombs that trouble your stomach whenever you hear that exam results are out. How to avoid supplementary (supp) in campus/Photo A...

By Emmanuel Chacha on Sep 14th, 2017
How to let go, when necessary

For how long do you hold on to people, habits, behaviors, relationships, jobs, name them; when you are so sure that you don’t need them and that you deserve better? I will tell you when it is necessary to let go and how to do so. When is it...

By Emmanuel Chacha on Sep 13th, 2017
How to find attachment and internship opportunities while in campus, College

Attachments and internships are necessary in completion of most courses and in gaining working skills and experience. Failure to get them may lead to delayed graduation, little confidence, low esteem and even poorly equipped Curriculum vitae. How...

How to maintain emotional balance in campus

Campus life happens, events such as goal achievement and success attract celebration while disappointing and saddening situations tend to attract depression. All these affect emotional life. Emotional imbalance either towards happy or sad side...

By Emmanuel Chacha on Sep 2nd, 2017
How to make money while studying, Starting your business in campus and becoming a young entrepreneur

Business and Studies (young entrepreneurs): Undoubtedly, most students need money while in campus; at least more than their guardians and academic sponsors avail to them. The ‘why’s for the need for money vary but the ‘how’s are similar...

By Emmanuel Chacha on Aug 29th, 2017