AU elections  went down in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Africa Union Headquarters on January 30 2017 and the winner was  Moussa Faki Mahamat from Chad. Check below results analysis

moussafaki mahamat
Moussafaki Mahamat-Africa Union Chairperson 2017 winner/Photo

About Moussafaki Mahamat-Africa 

Moussafaki Mahamat was born in June 21, 1960. He attended university in Brazzaville in  Congo, where he studied law. He served as the  prime Minister of Chad. He was also the  director general of two ministries in chad.


Here are how the results of AUC chairperson elections went down in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Round 1 Voting

  • Kenya 16
  • Chad 14
  • Senegal. 10
  • GUINEA 3
  • Botswana 10

Round 4 of voting

  • Kenya 25
  • Chad 28
  • Abstain I

Round 5

  • Chad 28
  • Kenya 25
  • Absent action 1


Final Round, Chad left alone and got a victory  of 38 votes


Congratulation to chad!


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