It’s every student’s wish to finish their studies in their campus of choice. But sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, one is forced to move campuses.It could be to the different branch of the main campus, or at other times it’s to a totally new University.Whichever the case it’s never easy. Here is how to adjust to your new environment in the first few weeks.


Get conversant with the rules

Do not just assume that every campus follows the same rules you are used to. While other campuses might be flexible, you might find others extremely strict. Be ready for that. Ask around about the allowed dressing code, late night reporting as well as missing classes.You could be in for a great surprise.

Find your way around the lecture halls

If possible, report earlier enough to give yourself time to go through the timetable. Save it on your phone or notebook whichever works for you and take a tour around the campus. Know which lecture halls you will be using and make a mental note. You can also jot it down next to your timetable, like for example "Hall 3 next to the library".This will save you the headache of finding yourself in the wrong hall.

Make a few friends

Get out of your shell and try to mingle with others. You don’t have to talk with everyone, just one or two will be fine for the beginning. It would be even of greater help to meet someone who is not new.That way, they will help you adjust.Mingle with others who are new, that way you will be able to share your experiences and walk the ‘culture shock’ journey together.

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