The first days in campus can be challenging for freshers. Below is a first year guide on how to adopt to campus life.

How to adapt to campus life as a first year-Fresher
How to adapt to campus life as a first year-Fresher/Photo


Join academic and sports clubs

Academic and sports clubs are good for every student in campus. It is advisable for all students who join campus to be in academic and sports clubs because they boost self discipline and help in managing your time well. You will be able to interact with seniors and make new friends outside class.

Seek assistance

If you really need assistance concerning your studies and staying in campus, you can seek it from university career office which has professionals trained to handle such matters. If you are doing a course that is not working for you then making changes during the first weeks of admission is the best choice and the University career office can be of great help

Take a walk in campus

When you are not in class walk around campus with your friends to familiarize yourself with the new environment. Familiarize yourself with every corner and apartment in the university. Be in the know of all hostels, library, lecture halls, shopping centers, play grounds e.t.c

Go to the library

The first days in campus before studies have begun might seem boring. You might be interested to visit your library to keep yourself busy with different kind of books.

Don’t dive into the drinking club

It may look cool do drink but it will not look cool anymore when you lose your senses and engage in sexual behaviors. It is difficult to resist peer pressure but it is worth it resisting. Stick to your principles in life as they are more important than anything else.  Remember that you were born alone and will die alone. Live your life, not other people’s lives.

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