A Million Reasons for you to Earn Money Online

By Levi Cheruo

Web2.0 technology is really a phenomenon and has since transformed internet experience world over. Websites are now in their millions and serves a wide range of purposes. All of them are interactive, dynamic, and user-friendly more than ever before. Site visitors are now at liberty to interact with not only the very sites they choose to visit but also the site moderators and administrators.making money online in kenya 2015
These websites are much in need of content and this is where you and I have a bigger role to play. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing heavily rely on contents embedded in the interlinked websites on their platforms. They all are in dire need of writers and great writings.
Some sites want you to participate in an online survey , others may require you to simply do Data Entry Chores at the comfort of your home, a good number are solely interested with your contribution of original, non-plagiarized and grammatically correct Academic Papers and all want you to create original, exceptional and competent content for their audiences.
Website content is not only critical as far as Search Engine Friendliness is concerned but also key when it comes to attracting the attention of an ever increasingly choosy audience out there. If you are a good writer, you have no excuse turning your back to this noble venture. You can earn tonnes of cash online at no cost at all and still have the opportunity of widening your writing horizons.
You will also have the indispensable experience with how Web2.0 and Web2.0 technologies are fast transforming our internet. You might want to own a site of your own say a blog and how better to develop your content writing experience other than writing some yourself at a handsome price.
How Can You Practically Earn that Very First Dollar?
You only need internet connectivity and a reliable gadget that is compatible with WordPad, Notepad, MS-Excel, MS-Word and other word processing software. More critical is the need of a willing heart to type down that very first syllable. You have to be passionate and professional at what you do.
Great content will earn you respect and a host of admirers out there who will never disappoint you. Your every single stroke of the keyboard will generously be compensated and your writings will not only inform but also transform hundreds of millions out there.
For beginners and novices, ideal sites for you to earn extra cash are the likes of iWriter.com, articleteller.com, and articlesale.com. Signing up with them is free and instantaneously and they are much likely to accept your articles provided they are not plagiarized and pass the acceptable grammatical threshold. They pay bi-monthly mainly via Paypal and a 250-word article can earn you as much as $5.
Experienced writers can try their luck with content-oriented sites such as thecontentauthority.com, greatcntent.uk, textbroker.com, textmaster.com, purecontent.com, and academic-oriented sites such as writerbay.com, essaywriters.com, uvocorp.com, freelancewritingcenter.com among others.
Pay for expert writers can range from $5 per 250-word article to $35 per 250-word article for content-oriented sites and between $10 per 250-word academic paper to $50 per 250-word academic paper for academic-oriented sites.
What is it that is required of you?

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Before I forget, I must remind you that you will need not be a computer wizard or a ‘rocket scientist’ for you to get started: just basic computer skills (MS Excel, MS Word, MS Publisher), knowledge of Citation Skills in APA, MLA and perhaps HARVARD; fluency in both spoken and written English language and most vital, a reliable internet connection.
In case you are uncomfortable with the Citation Styles like MLA & APA, then you need not to worry either. In that case, it means you will not be able to handle Academic Writing assignments but you can do assignments on articles that do not necessarily need citations.
The most important thing is if you have the passion, the desire to write, can access the internet, have the time and the energy to keep scribbling something and is willing to learn the trade. Most online writing companies offer their prospective writers an opportunity to learn and are usually willing to go an extra mile.
How Many Ways Can One Use To Make Money Online?
There are multiple ways of making money online using the internet. These ways include:

  • SEO Content Writing
    • Academic Writing
    • Blogging
    • Article Writing for Digital Newspapers, Magazines and Normal Newspapers

The list is undoubtedly endless. The end usually justifies the means and essentially, you have no excuse to be broke anymore once you are done reading this magnificent and awesome handbook. Whatever the means, the point is it is high time you use the internet meaningfully and earn something tangible out of it!
The good news is that internet is now readily available in most parts of our country and that we are rated as one of the best five in terms of internet and informational technology consumption in Africa. Essentially, this means most of us can and will indeed try eking a living sometime to come from the internet.
I will explore a number of ways and make my recommendations regarding the most appropriate sites and companies online that will dare not defraud you. We all need money, and the more the better and not the other way round, right?


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