Most often than not, success and fulfillment are pegged on how smart you work, not how hard. There are simple and practical practices you can employ to get the most out of your efforts without putting your health at risk.

5 Tips on How to Work Smart for Maximum Productivity
Success is pegged on working smart, not just hard. Photo: Courtesy


Here are some:

Maximize on productive hours

Working long hours does not necessarily translate to more productivity. Every individual has that period in which they are most productive, after which fatigue and/or boredom kicks in.

Some are most productive during the early hours of the morning while work best in mid-morning hours, after the blood has warmed up a bit.

Identify your most productive period and allocate the most arduous task to it. Spread lighter and less involving tasks to those hours when your concentration and energy reserves are low.

Take breaks

You periodically need to take short breaks to clear your mind and re-energize.

Get away from your desk in five to ten minutes and engage in light exercise. Go out for some air or grab a glass of water down the hall.

Use technology effectively

Get rid of those random sticky notes and scraps of paper cluttering your workspace.

Instead, use organization apps on your smartphone or computer to make notes and set reminders.

Other than decluttering your workspace, electronic organizers have advantages such as being searchable and having the option to sound alarms.

Leave on time

In line with maximizing on productive hours, it is advisable to leave your place of work on time.

The longer you stay past time, the more fatigued you get and the more resting hours you shave off; which is actually counterproductive.

Do not take work home

Home time is meant for rest, recreation and bonding; which is very important for your physical and mental wellbeing.

You will therefore be doing yourself great disservice if you opt to use this time to attend to office matters.

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Your family as important as your work, perhaps more important. Therefore, do not sacrifice time meant for them.

Play with the kids, spend quality time with your spouse and get enough rest to conquer the next day.

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