5 Highest paying jobs in Kenya that do not require a university degree

I have written here several times that a degree certificate is  not a guarantee of success in life. I am not saying that doing a degree course is of no help in life. It is of value because i have one.

Many people finish their undergraduate studies and realize that they were doing a wrong degree. A wrong degree in the sense  that it is leading them into a career that they have no passion in. So they end up quitting their job and begin engaging in careers which they completely have no degree experience  but succeed in life.
This post is meant to inform you that there are plenty of high-paying jobs out there that do not necessarily require one to have a degree. So, if you are in campus, you can as well start any business as you continue studying.
 1. Web-developers

Designing, creating and modifying of websites does not necessarily require one to have a degree.  You only need a little learning or certificate education to become a perfect web developer.
With the growing dependence on websites by companies to market their products, services and communicate with their clients, web-developers are key. In Kenya, permanent employed web developer in reputable organizations earns at-least ksh. 120,000.

2. Electrical power-line installers & repairers
They are mostly regarded as electricians.  Their work is just to Install or repair wires used in electrical power. At least every residential building in Kenya needs a special electrician to check electric defaults. Electricians remain among the top paid people in Kenya.

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They earn upto  ksh. 150 per month depending on the  clients he or she has. This work can be done by a high school drop out or diploma graduate.
3. Drivers

Drivers who work for multinational companies like Coca-cola and local distribution companies earn as much as ksh. 70,000 per month. Being a highly paid driver only requires a high school certificate, driving license and some years of experience of driving
4. Funeral service directors

This is one of those kind of jobs that  many Kenyans are not willing to do.  The work of  a Funeral service directors  is to Plan and coordinate funeral service at a funeral homes. Go to Chiromo funeral home and ask the director how much he is paid and you will be in for a rude shock.
5. Farm Manager

I do not need to explain much on what one needs be a successful farm manager. With hard work, passion and determination  a farmer who dropped out of primary school can make millions of money while a university graduate with a degree in an agricultural related course is earning ksh. 40,000.

Life is what you make out of what you have.


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