Anger is a perfectly healthy emotion through which express displeasure or protest over things we do not agree with. However, if not expressed in a healthy manner, anger can be a destructive force that will not only drain you but may also lead to rash decisions you will regret later. Here are some strategies you can employ to manage anger effectively.

  1. Don’t speak just yet

When agitated you are more likely to betray your prejudices and blurt out things that you probably should not. Take a moment to calm down and allow your thoughts to be more objective. If possible, move away from the agitating scene or factors and take deep breaths.

  1. Express yourself

Keeping anger bottled up is as destructive as blurting out words you have not thought through. Once you have calmed down, express why you are angry, in a calm but assertive way. Be sure not to be confrontational as this will make the other party in defensive, which may lead to confrontation. State your frustrations clearly making sure not to be accusative.

  1. Exercise

When anger escalates you may feel tense and stressed out. Working out is a sure way to relieve stress. Engage in a physical activity you enjoy to boost blood circulation to your brain and vital organs. The exhaustion from physical activity can also get you to calm down. Once anger subsides you can then think things through more rationally.

  1. Find solutions

If issues that led to anger are left unaddressed, recurrence is more likely. Focus on the issues that made you angry in the first place and think what could be done differently to avert the crisis. Listen to other people’s input keenly and be ready to make some compromises.

  1. Apologize

One of the most difficult things we have to do in life is accept we are in the wrong and offer apologies to the ones we wronged. Nevertheless, an apology is not only therapeutic to you but also the surest way to mend a broken relationship. When issuing an apology be careful not to drag excuses into the picture as this will most likely make you come off as insincere.

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As Lynn Johnston once said, “an apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.”

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