27 Best Smartphones on Kilimall Kenya: Trending Mobile Phones

Find below a list of best price on smartphones in Kenya with on Kilimall and Jumia: Infinix, InnJoo, Huwaei, Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, Wiko, Techno, X-Tigi e.t.c

Best smartphones kilimall mobile

Some of the best smartphones on Kilimall Kenya: Infinix, Cubot, Samsung, Techno, Iphones e.t.c


Jumia and Kilimall mobiles week are going down. Do not miss to buy a smartphone this week at great offers as prices have significantly gone down.



Infinix Mobile Phones on Kilimall Kenya on offer


1. INFINIX Hot 3, 16GB – 1GB RAM – 8MP Camera – Dual SIM – Gold (Price on offer-ksh.7,899)

2. INFINIX X600 Note 2, Memory size: 16GB, 1GB RAM, 3MP Camera; Dual SIM – Grey + FREE Flip Cover   (Price on offer ksh. 12,499

3. INFINIX X600 Note 2 LTE Memory Size; 16GB; 2GB RAM;Dual SIM – Gold + FREE Flip Cover

4. INFINIX Zero 3- LTE’ Memory size; 16GB – 3GB RAM 20.7MP Camera – Gold


InnJoo Mobile Phones on Kilimall Kenya


5. InnJoo Fire 2 -Memory Size 16GB – 1GB RAM; 13MP Camera; Dual SIM – Gold

6. InnJoo Fire 2 -Memory Size 16GB – 2GB RAM; 13MP Camera; Dual SIM – Gold (Price on offer ksh. 11,769)

7. InnJoo F3 – 7″ Memory size: 8GB – 512MB RAM; 2MP Camera (Price on offer 5149)

8. InnJoo F2 Pro Tablet – 10.1″; Memory size-6GB – 512MB RAM; 2MP Camera; (Price on offer ksh. 8099)


Wiko Mobile Phones on Kilimall Kenya


9. Wiko Slide 2 – 5.5″ Memory Size: 16GB – 2GB RAM; 3MP Camera (Price on offer ksh. 9,999)

10. Wiko FEVER-Memory Size; 16GB – 3GB RAM;13MP Camera; Dual SIM; 4G LTE; Black & Grey ( Price on offer ksh. 19,999)

11. Wiko Lenny 2-Memory Size- 8GB – 1GB RAM; 5MP Camera; Dual SIM-(Price on offer ksh. 7,799)


Techno Mobile Phones on Kilimall Kenya


12. Tecno Y6- Memory Size- 8GB – 1GB RAM;5MP Camera-(Price on offer ksh. 6,999)

13. Tecno Droipad 8D (8II) Tablet- Memory Size-16GB – 1GB RAM; 5MP Camera; 4G LTE (Price on Offer ksh. 16,499)


X-TIGI Mobile Phones on Jumia Kenya


14. X-TIGI S1553-Memory Size- 16GB – 1GB RAM; 8MP Camera; Dual SIM (Price on Offer 7,499)

15. X-TIGI S23 – Universal Powerbank Phone (Price on Offer2,399)

16. X-TIGI G530-Memory;8GB – 1GB RAM; 8MP Camera; Dual SIM- (Price on Offer 6,999)

17. X-TIGI J100 Memory; 8GB – 512MB RAM; 5MP Camera; Dual SIM (Price on offer ksh. 4,899)

18. X-TIGI Joy7 Memory Size; 8GB – 512MB RAM; 5MP Camera;3G- (Price on offer ksh. 5,499)

iConix Mobile Phones


19. iConix C202 Tablet – Memory Size; 8GB – 512MB RAM; 3MP Camera- (Price on Offer ksh. 2,999)

20. iConix C703 – Kids Tablet; Memory Size; 8GB ROM – 512MB RAM (Price on offer 3,999)


Lenovo Smart Phones

21. Lenovo A319 Memory Size;4GB – 512MB RAM;5MP Camera (Price on offer ksh. 5,999)

22. Lenovo P70 -Memory Size 16GB – 2GB RAM; 13MP Camera- (Price on offer ksh. 20,799)

Microsoft Smart Phones

23. Microsoft Lumia 550 – Memory Size: 8GB – 1GB RAM; 5MP Camera; 4G LTE; Color-Black- (Price on offer ksh. 13,499)

24. Microsoft Lumia 553m – Memory Size: 8GB – 1GB RAM; 5MP Camera Color-Black- (Price on offer ksh. 9,499)

25. Microsoft Lumia 540m – Memory Size: 8GB – 1GB RAM; 8MP Camera- (Price on offer ksh. 10,899)


Huwaei Smart Phones


26. Huawei GR3 -Memory Size; 16GB – 2GB RAM; 13MP Camera; 4G LTE-(Price on offer ksh. 17,499)

27. Huawei Honor Bee Y5C -Memory Size-8GB – 1GB RAM;8MP Camera- (Price on offer ksh. 6,999)


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NOTE: The price of the above smartphones might have increased or decreased since we posted the article.



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