10 videos of high school girls twerking, squat dancing during funkies

Like it or hate, Twerking seems to be one of those things that most high schools students love doing or seeing. This happens during entertainment times (weekends) or during flunkies.


Some other things to remember about High schools.

Here is a list of other memories about High school life before we move into twerking videos


  • Monolization/Form one bullying-This never ends but it is getting better year in year out. 10 years ago monolization was such big deal that it could make one drop out of school.
  • Ovacado-This fruit was really treasured in high school
  • Outings or Funkies-This was the best part of high school life. This was the moment of socialization and dating.
  • Love Letters-If you never received or sent a hookup letter then you missed a lot. Break up letters too
  • Assembly Times-The moment of announcements and unnecessary threats from teachers



10 videos of High school girls twerking during entertainment/funky time

We did a compilation of these videos.

  1. High School Girls Enjoying their funky

2. Kenyan girls school Twerking

3. High schools squatting

4. Secondary school girls convert an entertainment session into a twerking competition

5.High schools enjoying twerking

6. Nyanza High school girls twerking



We have deleted four of them.

Twerking Definition:  the act of dancing to music in a sexually provocative manner involving shaking hips movements also known as squat dance.

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