Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko has ordered for the re-opening of the  case of the murder of University of Nairobi student Mercy Keino. This comes shortly after Kiambu Governor William Kabogo indicated that he has enough money to defend himself.
Mercy Keino and her friends had gone out to have fun at the Wasini Luxury Homes. It is alleged that William Kabogo joined Mercy and  her friends at a table for a drink. It is also said that  Keino was drinking with one of Kabogo’s bodyguards and started becoming disorderly.


Undisclosed sources indicate that Mercy left Wasini running with a few ‘bodyguards’ chasing after her towards the highway.
1 Who were these men?
2. Who did they work for?
3. Have the police interviewed them?


Other source even claimed that he ‘witnessed’ Mercy being knocked down by a vehicle on Waiyaki Way after 2am.
4.What was he doing in the darkness at that time?
5. Did he contact the police promptly with that information?
6. Has this witness described the men who were chasing Mercy?
7. Have the police arrested those men?
8. If indeed that story is credible, how could Mercy have been ‘run over’ by several vehicles? Couldn’t the ‘witness’ have alerted the motorists of the ‘accident?’
9. How come the witness never offered assistance and never came forward until the media broke the story?

The police had claimed that alcohol was found in Mercy’s blood.
10 Do the police know how the traces of alcohol got into her blood?


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These questions ought to be answered for justice to prevail.  All these activities indicate that Mercy Keino did not die a normal death.

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