Arianna Huffington the president and founder of one of the top ranked websites in the world once said that “there is enough time in your life for you what you value or for everything important


Below is a list of things that you should do in a day in campus without affecting your daily routines.


  1. Drink lots of water, take breakfast like a king, take lunch like prince and take dinner like a beggar
  2. Consume more food that grows on trees and consume less manufactured food
  3. Sit in silence for 10 minutes in a day
  4. Sleep for not less than 7 hours in a day
  5. Take a walk of 10-30 minutes while smiling
  6. Don not have negative thoughts on things you have no control over
  7. Do not waste your energy and time gossiping but try to make those close to you happy
  8. Do not waste your energy trying to win every argument.
  9. Contact your family members
  10. Have some silent time to thank God for your life
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